Rapid Guard Flood Barrier System is easily installed and can be put up by only two people. The fold out, bolt down design is not complicated to assemble. The system locks into place ensuring flood waters stay away from your home, business, or utility installation.



Rapid Guard Flood Barrier System can go up fast once you know there could be a flood coming. The barriers themselves can be deployed quickly, lock in place and two people can have the entire system up in just 1 to 3 hours depending on size of the property.



The barrier is manufactured to fit perfectly into the pre-determined area while incorporating high quality design and materials. The barrier system is made to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure and GUARANTEED to protect for up to 5 feet of water. Measurements are made prior to fabricating the barriers to ensure coverage of the entire area.

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How it Works

The Rapid Guard Flood Barrier System uses a five-part system to assure that flood waters don’t reach your assets:

Structural Concrete Sidewalk: Although it looks like an ordinary sidewalk around your property, it is actually an interconnected system that anchors the flood barrier system to the ground providing an immovable base for an assured seal even when flood waters reach 5 feet of depth.

Structural Aluminum Stands: The unique fold-out design allows for compact storage, while providing support necessary to hold back the horizontal pressure exerted by the weight of the flood water.

Water-Tight Base Seal System: This interconnected system of compressible seal components and pressure equalizer bars assures you of a water tight seal when bolted directly to the structural concrete sidewalk.

Reinforced, Waterproof Liner: Whether you choose the reinforced poly-vinyl chloride liner or the reinforced vinyl composite liner, you can rest assured that the barrier will keep flood waters at bay.

Water-Tight Vertical Linear Seal: The comprehensive design not only seals the vertical seams of the waterproof liner, it directly fastens the water tight base seal system for added strength.

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